Why choose Loomis?

There is no doubt that digital payments are here to stay. But being able to accept cash is very important to society for many reasons.

Cash ensures inclusion for everyone regardless of disability or other exclusion and is part of the preparedness for various kinds of social crises and can keep society alive. Loomis understands the important role cash plays in society, in people's everyday lives and in various organizations and businesses.

We also understand that public businesses want to support the circulation of cash and facilitate cash payments with the most efficient solutions possible. To be successful, it is important to work with a reliable supplier that has the skills and structure to ensure that cash can circulate smoothly in the community. Loomis is one such supplier. We help with a wide range of products and services throughout the cash chain, tailored to your organization's needs.

All services aim to reduce your costs and ensure that time is used efficiently. Loomis also contributes to a good control environment – an important requirement for all public activities.

What loomis can do for you

We streamline cash-handling procedures

Cash-handling and reconciliation time reduced or even eradicated thanks to our effective solutions.

Less risk - more time

is Loomis manages your organization's cash, they are safe. Loomis transfers the cash to the business's bank account quickly and efficiently.

Full control

With the customer portal, you can view your transactions and export reports at any time.


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