Protecting our environment

Loomis' business strategy includes ambitions within the sustainability dimensions: Climate & Environment, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Governance. For the strategic period 2022-2024, Loomis has chosen three focus areas within each dimension. Each focus area in turn has a number of global key initiatives and KPIs linked to it. These are followed up on a quarterly basis.




Climate and Environment

Vision: We will reduce our climate impact throughout the global organization by switching to renewable fuels and renewable energy and by collaborating with our suppliers and customers.

Transport accounts for the majority of Loomis' carbon footprint and environmental impact. Loomis' long-term goal is to break dependence on fossil fuels and fossil energy sources and has therefore set clear goals to reduce emissions.

Loomis' focus areas for 2022-2024 in the climate and environmental area are:

  • - Emissions from transport
  • - Emissions from energy consumption
  • - Cooperation suppliers

Social Responsibility

Vision: We have a zero vision for injuries and will build a company that is characterized by inclusion, justice and diversity.

Loomis strives to be the industry's most attractive employer and to continually improve the work environment by promoting inclusion, fairness and diversity. The employees are the company's most important resource and Loomis has several areas of responsibility as an employer. The commitment to a zero vision for injuries is one of the company's most important pillars.

Loomis' focus areas within social responsibility for the current strategy period 2022-2024 are:

  • - Health and Safety
  • - Inclusion
  • - Justice and diversity

Sustainable Governance

Vision: We must be a reliable partner with the highest possible standards of integrity and regulatory compliance - both in our direct operations and throughout our value chain.

The type of services that Loomis offers requires clear integrity and the highest possible level of regulatory compliance and sustainable governance. Being a reliable partner is absolutely crucial for Loomis, both in terms of current and future business. Corruption and bribery are extremely serious issues in a business model based on trust. Customers trust Loomis to take good care of their cash and valuables, a trust we want to manage well.

Loomis' current focus areas within sustainable governance are:

  • - Integrity
  • - Regulatory compliance
  • - Impact in the value chain
  • - Within each focus area, there are a number of key initiatives that are measured with goals and KPIs. Read more about the details in the sustainability report.


Some of our focus areas within sustainability

Flet electrification is a key part

We have implemented an advanced system of route optimization

in order to streamline our processes and reduce CO2 emissions.

Loomis uses HVO fuel in all the countries where it is available,

this biofuel made of vegetable oil can reduce up to 80% of CO2 emissions.

Solar panels have been installed in a number of the Loomis branches

Loomis is working on extending the project to other countries, with potential locations in France and Denmark already earmarked.

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