Why choose Loomis Cash Transportation?

Trusting Loomis to take care of your business' cash and other valuable transportation needs brings you many benefits. We collect and deliver cash safely and securely for deposit into your company's account so you or your staff don't have to spend time on it. This saves valuable time that can instead be used to grow your business.

Other businesses can also benefit from Loomis cash transport, for the safe distribution and handling of cash or other valuables by our professional and carefully controlled staff.



Some of the benefits of choosing Loomis Cash Transportation

Extensive Experience

We have more than 170 years of experience in transporting cash. Whether it is for shops, banks and ATMs, Loomis has in-depth knowledge of all phases of the process.


With advanced security work and tracking at every stage, we transport your goods from A to B by road, by sea or by air.


We make sure to deliver and pick up cash on time at the desired time and place. Tell us your needs and Loomis will do the rest.

What Loomis can do for you

  • Thanks to many years of experience in transporting and handling cash and valuables from stores and others, Loomis has expertise in all phases of handling.
  • Loomis has professional staff and a fleet of vehicles that safely and efficiently ensure that your money is safe in transit.
  • Your cash is picked up or delivered on time at the desired time and place. Tell us your needs and Loomis will do the rest.

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