Why should you choose Loomis SafePoint?

Deposit your cash directly into a SafePoint and get a faster, safer and smarter flow of your business's cash.




Safepoint helps to cut the time, labour and cost it takes to manage your cash handling needs. It's as simple to deposit notes and/or coins as it is easy and fast to reconciliate through full transparency on all transactions.


Smart technologies, services and software include AI for dynamic logistics and cash needs forecasting. This means less risks for your business and employees, secure cash immediately and eliminated liability, reduced number of times cash is handled and real-time control of the whole cash journey.


Smart technologies, services and software include AI for dynamic logistics and cash needs forecasting. You get automatic and detailed reporting, digital services for total remote management and real-time monitoring.


With a SafePoint smart safe in place Loomis can seamlessly manage your cash and safely transport your takings – you can deposit your cash takings at point of sale, check for counterfeit notes, keep full transparency of each transaction.

Our range of SafePoint safes check, count and reconcile your cash takings, and enable automated collection. What’s more, the contents are fully indemnified by Loomis, meaning that even if the worst happens, your business is fully covered.


Every SafePoint solution includes access to our online portal, allowing you to track your cash flow and manage your orders and service requirements.



Learn more about our different SafePoint solutions

SafePoint Store

Ideal for large retailers or businesses with many cashiers and large cash volumes. Our Store Smart Recycler is the fastest to process coins and notes from any currency, saving time and money to your business.

SafePoint Boutique

Great for cash extensive businesses in need of quick and secured deposits. The Boutique Smart Safe can manage banknotes and coins from one or multiple currencies.

SafePoint Share

SafePoint Share is a solution where several customers share the same safe. The service facilitates cash handling for business owners in areas with no night safes available.

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